Check your risk of burnout.

Do you feel exhausted, detached, or perhaps your motivation has been declining recently? You may be experiencing burnout.

Burning out is a gradual process, evolving over time, often without any symptoms. In the Covid-19 environment, remote work, and social distancing we are more likely to experience burnout.

Burnout develops gradually

The journey towards burning out is a gradual, spiral-alike process. You may not feel anything and yet be going through the earlier phases without ever realizing.

Your burnout really likes you

Burnout is unfussy, and everybody can develop one. Burnout is highly individual across the spectrum of development stages and is related to both personal traits and professional circumstances.

Become the best version of yourself

Burning bright and burning out are essentially the opposite sides of one and the same coin. It is a matter of self-reflection, perspective and ultimately your own choice which path to follow. Digiburn helps you understand better your current status and gives you personalized advice for tweaks and improvements.


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