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2022: a Necessary Reset

 Everyone is aware of the New Year’s resolutions phenomenon: as the new year approaches, we all reflect on the previous year’s events and set new goals for ourselves, both practical and unrealistic. Then, as the year progresses, we discover we may not have accomplished as much as we had hoped. This cycle may contribute to a pessimistic attitude toward goals and self-evaluation. Setting goals and having aspirations in life is essential, but being unrealistic and expecting things to materialize without exerting the necessary effort is simply not how things work. In this short and honest guide, we will share with you our suggestions for how to make this year the best one yet through self-reflection and other useful techniques.


Set realistic goals for yourself 

Make your goals reasonable if you’re going to establish them for yourself. Despite the fact that manifestation is a powerful technique, true results are only achieved via hard work. You will avoid further disappointment at the end of the year if you are honest about your abilities and strong suits. Set tiny goals for yourself and, with consistent effort, you will achieve them all.


Establish a routine 

If you take the time to overview your responsibilities and tasks that need your attention on a daily basis, you will realize that if you establish a routine to follow, your life will become a lot more structured and stress-free. Of course, don’t make yourself too rigorous a schedule. Allow time for enjoyable hobbies and relaxation. Make a well-balanced plan that fits your lifestyle. If a scheduled hour-by-hour plan doesn’t work for you, opt for a more realistic approach such as simply creating a daily checklist with tasks. The list can be as thorough as you want it to be, including your entire schedule from dawn to night, or just your job obligations. Create a routine that suits your needs.


Incorporate healthy habits 

From eating healthier to drinking more water, exercising more, engaging in more mindful activities such as journaling, yoga and meditation, incorporating any of them in your daily life will have numerous positive effects. Whatever the reason may be, if you’ve wanted to change your habits for a while, there is no better time than now. Fix your sleeping and eating schedule and simply engage in more activities that you enjoy. Remember to be patient and consistent and the results will soon be evident.


Put yourself first

If there is one thing you should really work on, it is to learn how to put yourself first. This is the year you realize that you should be your very own priority. Take care of your mental and physical needs, cut ties with toxic people, and do what’s best for you. Nobody will drag you out of a dark place if you don’t do it yourself, no matter how much aid other people can provide. Surround yourself with positive people who are generally good for you and bring you comfort. Pursue that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, apply for that job you’ve always wanted, approach that person you’ve had an eye for. Life is truly too short for you to always stay in your comfort zone.


Make 2022 the year you finally just go for the things you’ve always desired- learn a useful skill, save money for a trip or an item you’ve wanted for a long time. Be productive, kind, creative, and let go of negative emotions that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Strengthen your emotions with others, build new ones, open yourself for new opportunities, and most importantly, step into 2022 with confidence, certainty and clarity.