Burnout may be closer than you imagine

In times of change, increasing responsibilities and ever blurrier boundaries between personal and professional sphere, burnout is becoming a real threat for more people than ever before. Without any prior notice or clear warning signs, your burnout can be evolving in the background until it reaches a point of no return, whereby only radical and costly measures can help you overcome the condition and get your back your life.

Burnout can be addressed proactively

Getting yourself a burnout is a continuous process. It is a complex bundle of intertwined psychological and physical processes, closely related to your own professional aspirations, subjective interpretations of daily matters, and capability of handling stress. By understanding the mechanics and knowing yourself better, you can effectively reduce own susceptibility to burnout or overcome one in its earliest stages.

Digiburn – outsmart burnout digitally

Digiburn helps you reflect, understand your personality type, associated traits, and continuously monitors your mental wellbeing. By tracking a set of your behavioral patterns, life developments, and biomarkers, Digiburn helps you spot burnout-related tendencies early on and long before any first warning signals. We provide you with personalized tips for tweaking your daily routines in easy steps that can drastically improve your drive, happiness and ultimately help you become a better version of yourself. This is achieved entirely by yourself by making slight adjustments to your nutrition, recreational and physical habits and creative activities. All of this ultimately promotes your psychological, emotional and creative capabilities.
Digiburn – burn bright, not out.

Digiburn team

What it’s all about

We are a group of 7 founders, with expertise ranging across Healthcare, Human Resources, Finance, Futurism, and Regulatory, based in Austria, Bulgaria, and Denmark. We are united by a strong drive for digitalizing the mental health area and creating an effective solution for the prevention and treatment of burnout, effectively helping people enjoy a stronger drive, improved energy levels and ultimately being able to enjoy life to the fullest – both professionally and personally.

A message to prospective partners

Reach out

We are still in the early stage of development of Digiburn. As of now we are highly interested in the following conversations:
Burnout triumphants
Burnout stories are a powerful instrument for awareness and understanding of burnout. If you have already conquered your severe burnout, feel invited to support our mission against burnout by sharing your real-life story and giving an example to the world.  
Digiburn combines a variety of deep-expertise in psychology, behavioral theory, tech, and big data.  If you are involved in any of these fields, feel free to reach out and search together for ways to support the mission against burnout. 
Strategic partners
We are happy to talk with potential technical partners, companies eager to cater to the mental well-being of their employees and financial investors. Drop us a message and let’s talk!