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Burnout Triumphants #10- Anne Bono

In this episode, Anne recounts her most serious incidence of burnout, the negative aspects of office culture, as well as her rehabilitation path.

Burnout Triumphant Series

Our Burnout Triumphant Series is here to share real-life stories of people having gone through severe burnout syndrome and coming out victorious on the other end. Burnout is a serious condition and needs to be addressed proactively and responsibly in order to prevent its occurrence in the very first place and overcome an already existing burned-out state. By sharing the stories of our guests we want to raise awareness, spread the word, and enable our viewers to recognize any potential red flags with their own lifestyle.

Our next Burnout Triumphants guest has an incredible story to share- Anne Bono helps people focus on their own humanity and the humanity of others in order to bring out their best and completely support their teammates. She consults with executives who want to employ clear leadership and people-first practices and policies to turn themselves and their organizations into humancentric powerhouses. She also gives talks to bigger groups about lucid leadership, human-centered workplaces, burnout detection and recovery, and people-centered change management.

She was once an unintentional marketing leader with nearly two decades of expertise in a wide range of businesses and marketing disciplines. She’s worked on her own, as part of a team, and at the executive level, she’s led entire departments. She has experience working for both small businesses and huge enterprises. She’s worked with budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to seven figures. She noticed a lack of transparency, a preoccupation with process-centric change management, and a reluctance to prioritize trust and value in all marketing initiatives.

Anne discusses her background, how she “bumped her way into marketing,” how she “kept saying yes” to possibilities, and her hands-on learning. She talks about taking on opportunities that turned out to be overwhelming and resulted in burnout, which she experienced several times. She recounts her most serious incidence of burnout, which occurred in 2020, as well as the difficulties she had when she took on work she was not prepared for and her fear of asking for help. She addresses the negative aspects of office culture, employers who set unrealistic standards, and her own personal low points. She talks about her therapy and meditation sessions, as well as her rehabilitation path.

Check out Anne’s episode of Burnout Triumphants to learn more about her incredible journey.