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Burnout Triumphants #11- Tomek Kmiecik

In this episode, Tomek explains how there is no “one recipe” for burnout, the symptoms and long-term effects of the experience, his job termination, and his recovery journey.

Burnout Triumphant Series

Our Burnout Triumphant Series is here to share real-life stories of people having gone through severe burnout syndrome and coming out victorious on the other end. Burnout is a serious condition and needs to be addressed proactively and responsibly in order to prevent its occurrence in the very first place and overcome an already existing burned-out state. By sharing the stories of our guests we want to raise awareness, spread the word, and enable our viewers to recognize any potential red flags with their own lifestyle.

Our next Burnout Triumphant is a variety of things, including an achiever, learner, relator, and the Founder of Corporate Maze– professional counseling for corporate burnout.

Tomek Kmiecik is a certified ICF ACC coach. To assist people in their professional and personal development, he employs a solution-focused approach. He focuses on subjects relating to the workplace, such as burnout, goal setting and achievement, and internal motivation.

He has over 14 years of expertise in supply chain management. He has worked in business and consulting for a variety of industries, including consumer goods, retail, oil and gas, metals, agrochemicals, and telecommunications. Implementing SCM business solutions, rethinking Supply Chain operating models, Supplier Management, and process optimization are among his main interests. He works with clients all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Sweden, Israel, and the United States, where he has worked on-site.

Tomek explains his schooling and previous business experience during his visit on Burnout Triumphants. He shares why 2021 was an especially hard year for him and how his burnout started. He discusses his surroundings at the time, the factors that influenced him, how there is no “one recipe” for burnout, the symptoms he had, and the long-term effects of the experience. He also discusses his job termination, his recovery journey, his time with a psychiatrist, and how he changed his way of thinking and functioning.

Check out Tomek’s episode of Burnout Triumphants to hear more about how he got his new positive attitude on life.