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Burnout Triumphants #4- Veli Getova

In this episode, Veli discusses her own experience as a “mental health advocate”, her coaching practice and experience, her burnout journey, and tips.

Burnout Triumphant Series

Our Burnout Triumphant Series is here to share real-life stories of people having gone through severe burnout syndrome and coming out victorious on the other end. Burnout is a serious condition and needs to be addressed proactively and responsibly in order to prevent its occurrence in the very first place and overcome an already existing burned-out state. By sharing the stories of our guests we want to raise awareness, spread the word, and enable our viewers to recognize any potential red flags with their own lifestyle.

Veli Getova, an executive psychologist, is our guest for the fourth episode of Burnout Triumphants. NotYourTherapy was developed by her to assist leaders and their teams in improving their mental fitness. In the business, the company holds one-on-one sessions and groups to allow people to talk about their problems. Her coaching practice focuses on helping IT leaders improve their overall health and performance. Veli is a burnout survivor, a human behavior expert, and an executive coach.

Velina has worked for a number of startups and young organizations in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria. She worked as a performance coach, consultant, team psychologist, and eventually Chief of People and Operations throughout that time. “The shoemaker always wears the worse shoes,” as the saying goes, and while Velina was focused on the team’s performance and well-being, she entirely neglected her own. She then went on a tumultuous ride down the “burnout road”.

Velina now works as an Organizational Psychologist and Coach, assisting tens of thousands of CEOs, managers, and teams. 

In this episode of Burnout Triumphants, Velina explains why she considers herself a “mental health advocate”, as well as the stigma surrounding mental health challenges and hereditary predisposition. She discusses her education and international experience, as well as why she chose LSE and her master thesis journey. In addition, she discusses her own experience with burnout, including what caused it and how she recovered, as well as her medication experience. She discusses questions such as “How do highly ‘corporate’ settings differ from’start-up’ environments?” and “How do highly ‘corporate’ environments differ from’start-up’ environments?” and “When should people take prescription medication?”.

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