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Burnout Triumphants #5- Jen Low

In this episode, Jen discusses how her work took her across five continents, her experience with insight meditation, burnout, and spiritual awakening.

Burnout Triumphant Series

Our Burnout Triumphant Series is here to share real-life stories of people having gone through severe burnout syndrome and coming out victorious on the other end. Burnout is a serious condition and needs to be addressed proactively and responsibly in order to prevent its occurrence in the very first place and overcome an already existing burned-out state. By sharing the stories of our guests we want to raise awareness, spread the word, and enable our viewers to recognize any potential red flags with their own lifestyle.

The amazing Jen Low is our next Burnout Triumphants guest. She is an Insight Leadership Coach, international speaker, and author, who is passionate about insight meditation, wellbeing,  resilience, as well as entrepreneurship, and empowerment.

Jen has lived and worked on five continents in a variety of human resource development roles. She is an international speaker and co-author of Coach Passport: “A World of Possibilities,” a groundbreaking coach resource for leaders and coaches in APAC, EMEA, and the United States. She’s also created cartoons for CEOs that are digitally animated. She owned and operated a boutique organization and leadership development consulting firm in Asia. She now offers insight meditation and wellness coaching services based on research. She has been in numerous media articles on leadership development as well as 3D story-based experiential learning employing in-house animated cartoon productions.

In this episode, Jen discusses her work and how it brought her all over the world, how she trained people from CEOs to middle management, and how she established her boutique consultancy. She discusses what led to her burnout and how she didn’t understand she was fighting it because of the “slow burn”, the “sudden burst” she felt when she realized, how her body reacted to it, and her overall experience. She describes what her life was like in the midst of burnout, as well as indicators of burnout that people may notice in their own behaviors. She talks about how insight meditation helped her heal, as well as her spiritual awakening. She speaks on awareness, change, and how she has learned to avoid burnout. In general, she responds to questions like  “What did Jen’s burnout experience entail?” and “What has Jen learned, when it comes to burnout?”.

Make sure to check out Jen’s Burnout Triumphants video if you want to learn more about what she has to say.