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Burnout Triumphants #8- Grant Gurewitz

In this episode, Grant describes his last straw moment, his journey looking for “the next big thing”, and the changes he needed to do to improve his life.

Burnout Triumphant Series

Our Burnout Triumphant Series is here to share real-life stories of people having gone through severe burnout syndrome and coming out victorious on the other end. Burnout is a serious condition and needs to be addressed proactively and responsibly in order to prevent its occurrence in the very first place and overcome an already existing burned-out state. By sharing the stories of our guests we want to raise awareness, spread the word, and enable our viewers to recognize any potential red flags with their own lifestyle.

Our next visitor has a lot going on in his life. Between  Zillow, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Qualtrics, Grant Gurewitz has nearly a decade of experience in building effective marketing campaigns. His marketing and communication background spans a wide range of sectors.

He generates marketing that improves the lives and careers of his target audiences. He is committed to performing his work in a style that is well-paced and long-lasting, rather than just chasing tomorrow’s outcomes. He’s faced two waves of burnout in the past, and he’s devised techniques to give high achievers the tools and bravery to fight burnout through study and trial and error. Grant fights burnout by practicing Holistic Burnout Prevention; on his website,, he discusses his own story as well as helpful advice and practices for overcoming burnout.

Grant discusses his background, hobbies & passions, and digital marketing experience in this episode. He discusses his personal burnout experience, including how he was always on the lookout for “the next big thing” and attempting to make deadlines, as well as how he was impacted by other people’s work ethic. He discusses his attempts to escape the mental state he was in, how influencers exacerbated his situation and the harmful aspects of “hustle culture”. He describes his last straw moment, his journey, and the changes he needed to do to improve his life. He outlines how to “downsize your relationship with work” as well as other burnout-fighting strategies. He also discusses how organizations deal with burnout and his own experiences with employment and businesses.

If you want to learn more about Garet’s views on the mentioned topic and many others, make sure to check his episode of Burnout Triumphants.